Blue Meanies

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These pale capped pretty looking Cubensis mushrooms, have the lovely and quite confusing name Blue Meanies. Coming from the prominent deep blue colour. This strain carries a name in which the infamous and very potent Panaeolus Cyanescens was nicknamed. Although these are of the Cubensis Variety they are quite potent, and raved about by the experienced.

1 review for Blue Meanies

  1. Amber

    What an experience! I skipped on mushrooms growing up! I was most recently dealing with depression in my life. A good friend on mine turned me onto trying psilocybin. I was very reluctant at first, then said the hell with it! I will tell you it was a very intense experience, almost kinda scary. But the next day….. I was a new me! Free, Happy and positive! Haven’t looked back!!🍄 thanks Shroom room

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