Cannabis Coconut oil

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Endopothecary Cannabis-Infused coconut oil is %100 organic. 

Made with BC finest Cannabis Concentrates and Raw Organic coconut oil. 

Make your own edibles! Cookies, Brownies even Garlic Toast! With coconut being a healthy alternative to other cooking oils, it makes a great substitute for butter or olive oil. So very easily you can turn your favourite baking recipes into your favourite home-made edibles. Even garlic toast can be a great way to medicate. 

2 reviews for Cannabis Coconut oil

  1. Olivia

    I make the best healthy canna cookies with this stuff!! Coconut oil is the best butter alternative!! 🤤

  2. Jill

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I make vegan chocolate using this cannabis coconut oil! For homemade chocolate bars 🍫

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